Save nearly 25% on most repairs!

Here’s the deal, plain and simple.  You need work done on your vehicle?  Doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford or a Porsche.  Talk to some repair folks out there and get some prices. Then, give us a call.  We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we will beat any price you can find.  Our pricing — parts AND labor — looks like this, although part pricing is based on vehicle make and model, so may vary.

Parts and Service                          Price

Change oil** and filter                 $60.00/$40.00
Tire balance and rotation            $55.00
Air filter replacement                   $40.00
Brake service                                 $275.00
Battery replacement                     $140.00
Spark plugs replacement             $175.00
Alternator replacement                $300.00
Water pump replacement            $325.00
Serpentine belt replacement       $125.00
Starter replacement                      $180.00

*Part and labor costs vary by vehicle year, make and model.  Oil:  Mobil 1 10w30 synthetic unless otherwise specified.
**$60 for synthetic oil, $40 for conventional