About AHAR

Tired of the hassle of getting routine maintenance and repair work performed on your car? AHAR is changing the way people take care of their vehicles, whether Chevy, Ford, Mercedes or BMW.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll go to you.  (PS: Extensive repairs may require bringing your vehicle to “our place” to do the work.) Most importantly, we’re far more affordable that just about any repair service out there.  In fact, we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we will beat any price you can find… often by 25% or more. How? The industry has created the misperception that automotive diagnostics and repair are somehow akin to brain surgery. Wrong.  Shops also mark up parts like crazy… often by 50%.

We don’t mark up parts.  And, more importantly, the guys who do the work on your car have been working on cars since gas was .25/gallon; when bad alternator bearings were detected by “listening” to the alternator with a broomstick, and when spark plugs were gapped with matchbook covers.  Real diagnosticians who, while Code Reading is certainly handy, don’t rely on a computer to tell them what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Operate a fleet of cars or trucks? Ask about special fleet pricing!