All performed by knowledgeable technicians.

Here’s how it usually works.  There’s something going on with your car or truck.  You bring it to the dealer or your local repair shop.  They tell you what’s wrong and charge you roughly $75 for that information. They then give you a price quote, often marking up the part costs by 100% and charging nearly $100/hr for labor (after all, somehow has to pay for the “clean restrooms, coffee and free Wi-Fi!?)

That’s where we come in.  Once you’ve got your diagnosis, beat a hasty retreat from the shop and call us. We’ll charge you the regular retail price for your parts, and less than half the shop’s hourly rate for labor. If you can find the parts cheaper on Ebay, (and you can wait for them to be shipped), we encourage you to buy them online and save yourself even MORE money.

Note: Many shops won’t let you bring your own parts; they say it’s for warranty/liability reasons, but we ALL know the real reason… Profit. The result?  You pay, say, $320 for a repair that would have cost you $505 at Fire____.  (name omitted to protect the guilty!) PS:  Yes, we can perform diagnostic services as well.